Course Overview

As always, the course keeps a changin’. Due to your comments and suggestions, we continue to polish this diamond in the rough. Lots of it will be similar but as usual, somehow harder!

General DWD Course Information: The footing (What footing?) is rocky, muddy (a few river crossings) and loose in places. The trail is not maintained (non-existent) in some areas. We love this stuff and hope you do too.

Is the trail as tough as advertised? Yes and No. It’s no run down a nature trail (but at times it is just that), you will get wet and muddy. You won’t get swept down stream in any whitewater. Some big hills but no supplemental oxygen is needed. Our descriptions are a disclaimer. All in all, a great run in a beautiful environment...with stupid spots.

By the way....when you're out on the trail and you see a sign that says "Wrong Way Moron"...don't go that way (moron)!