Relay Registration

Join us September 24, 2022!

A Hell of a lot of Heavenly changes in store for Hell Dances With Dirt, 2022!

For over 25 years the Dirt Crew has come together for a post event wrap up to look at how we can polish this gem, scratch that, more like, to make Dirt even Dirtier!

The Dirt Quarters are a MOVIN' on down the road to Camp Bruin, a private camp where we can camp out for the weekend, sit around a fire and howl at the moon!

We're makin' the party more FUN. Each exchange will have at least 2 legs, less rushing around, more time for fun and a lower carbon footprint! Yer last two legs will be from the Start/Finish so the party can start early!

Yer relay is goin from about 62 miles to 55. About a mile less per runner for the day for a tougher head to head competition!

The Dirt Crew has a love affair with this event and you can be rest assured that the changes will be made with a hell of of lot thought and care to keep the world’s premier relay in a class of it’s own.

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Team Options

Hell Awards Table 2020


  • Over the Line - the first team over the finish line
  • Handicap - first team based on handicap
  • Theme - best team theme
  • Stampede - first team with a runner to finish Leg 1
  • All Female - the first all female team to finish

Hell Awards Table 2020


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All Teams  

Every runner will receive the follwing:

  • Long Sleeve Tech Shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • Post-race food
  • Post-race beer
  • Live Music




Register through February 1 for an early bird price of $425.

Register February 2 through August 15 for a discounted price of $450.

August 16, 2022 through NOON September 22, 2022

The price will be $475, and registration will remain open until the relay has sold out, but we suggest you get in early to guarantee your team's spot!

$50 for each Just For Fun team member beyond five.

Once you have completed the registration form (Only 2 participants information is required to submit your registration) you will need to create an account to be able to log back in and edit your team information. There is a link to do this on both the confirmation page and in your confirmation e-mail. 
This account is connected to your BILLING E-MAIL. All team members must be registered by August 16, 2022.