Dirt Safety and Preservation

Preserve the Dirt! The DNR will be lookin’ at the race and wondering why they ever let us in the park. Suggestions: Be nice even if you receive sign language, drive safe and don’t wiz in public!


  • Run Safely: the magnitude of this event does not allow closed roads or stopped vehicle traffic. The course crosses the roads within the park. Do not blindly run across any road; come to a complete stop before crossing. You can make up the time once you have survived the crossing. Do not stop traffic!
  • Be aware and stay on the course: The most common reasons to go off course. 1) Followed the dudette in front of me! 2) I zoned out and missed a turn. 3)The course often leaves a perfectly good trail and heads into the bushes … yes the turn was marked but …
  • No shortcuts: The map may look like there is a shorter way but it could be dangerous or not approved for usage.


Not allowed on the course by participants, teammates or support. However, you may encounter volunteers on mountain bikes or others unaffiliated with the race.


    • 1 vehicle per team on the course. Exchange parking is tighter than Dick’s hatband.
    • DWD Vehicle Sign on the back.
    • No motor homes, rickshaws or busses … any kind of car will make it on the drive route.
    • Follow the parking signs and volunteers. There is a system. Although the engineers think not.


Those damn gel packets have a habit of getting everywhere; please consume and dispose before leaving aid stations or carry with you to the next trash.


    • Official vehicle signs must be displayed in rear window. This helps us to identify you if we find your lost, injured, and crying teammate or if there is emergency news.
    • Trail crosses roads and a small portion is run on the road shoulder, so use common road running etiquette, cars won’t stop for you and you can’t stop ‘em.
    • Drive Safely. Be on the lookout for runners farting, I mean, darting out of the woods. Be especially nice to any official looking folks who might stop at the exchange and say, "What in Hell is going on here?"
    • Obey the Speed Limit. Time exists to get to each exchange as long as you decline interviews.  20MPH in the Parks.

EXCHANGE SAFETY... patience and humor is in order

    • Park in the designated areas only. Volunteers will do their best to move you in and out efficiently
    • Each exchange will have specific traffic flow patterns, Ha!
    • Parking is not always close to the human exchange so be prepared to get moving.
    • Don’t run over anyone on your team or competitors at the exchanges or road crossing.
    • Stay out of the road, (trail runners seem to forget that they are standing in the middle of the road.)