Relay Special Instructions


  • A Michigan Recreation Passport is required for entry to Half Moonn. You can find more info about how to obtain a sticker HERE.
  • Official Vehicle Signs must be visible in rear window of all vehicles on the course and to park!
  • Meet and car pool to the start.
  • One vehicle per team on the course. DWD Vehicle Sign on the back and Park Pass on Front.
  • No motor homes, rickshaws, or busses.

Drive Route

  • Detail drive instructions are provided to each exchange point.
  • The routes are fairly direct and provide sufficient time to travel to the next exchange point.
  • It may not be the most direct route. It is designed to allow for responsive medical emergencies and time sensitive management of the race. It is also designed to minimize conflicts where runners cross. (Warning: The drive route will cross the course several times.) This will allow the runners to avoid your exhaust/insults and some danger.
  • We do understand that sometimes you may miss a turn because the stench in the vehicle gets intolerable and you have your head out the window and not on the map.

Team Membership

  • Team Membership: visit to update your team information.
  • All team members must sign a waiver & turn it in!
  • Each team member will be given a bib with the same number to be worn on your front.
  • Team members must be human even if you’re dog follows trails better than you. You can run with less than 5 people on a team but not more than 5; Heck, you paid for 5.
  • "IN IT TO WIN IT": teams can run with less than 5 people but not more than 5. Heck, you paid for 5.
  • Each "IN IT TO WIN IT" team member must run a minimum of 3 legs (unless injury occurs) for the team to be eligible for the handicap adjusted championship. Only one "IITWI" runner per team unless injury occurs.
  • All team members must sign a waiver & turn it in! Did we say this?
  • "JUST FOR FUN" teams with up to 10 runners must run a minimum of 0 legs and can run together. Really, who in Hell cares!


  • Women receive a 12.5 % handicap in addition to age handicap.
  • Masters receive a 1.0% handicap for each year over 40 and 1.5% handicap for each year over 50.
  • Handicaps for each team member will be added together for the team handicap.
  • The team's % will be deducted from the total finishing time to determine YOUR ADJUSTED HANDICAP TIME.
  • Example: A 52-year-old woman would get a 25.5% handicap. If everyone else on the team was male and under 41 the team would get a 5.1% handicap (25.5/5) Confused? You should be!

Injury Substitution and Good Samaritan Act

  • Another team member may complete the leg of an injured teammate from the point of injury.An injured member is out of the race.
  • An injury substitution is the only allowed non-exchange point exchange.
  • Each team member must run a minimum of 3 legs for the team to be eligible for the handicapped-adjusted championship.
  • Please help the injured. As a participant, you are first on the scene. Keep track of any lost time in assisting the injured on Cheat Sheet. We will deduct the time.

Finish Cut Off Time

  • 7:30 PM but 6:30 PM is much preferable. Use concurrent running; see Concurrent Running Sheet. It’s important to finish before we eat all the pizza!
  • Qualification for Handicap Awards: Teams that have finished and turned in their correctly completed cheat cards by 5:30 pm will be included in the handicap awards. Teams finishing after 5:30 pm will be included in the official results but will not be eligible for awards.


  • Some exchange points are aid stations for the Ultra run.
  • The food and drinks are for the Ultra runners.
  • First Aid is for all.
  • Exchange Etiquette
    • At the exchange, alert your teammate by screaming and yelling team name.
    • Allow adequate space to execute the exchange. No pushing, no crowding, no peeing in the pool. “Huh, wrong list.”
    • Exchange is usually made by making physical contact with the next runner in the exchange zone. Some exchanges may be Air Touch to avoid traffic and danger situations.
  • Lost & Found Runner(s)
    • If you arrive at an Exchange and no teammate can be found, let the exchange captain know and chill out. We will start a search and usually will find your directionally challenged teammate.
    • “Head Goat, what if our next/replacement runner isn’t at the exchange?” We won’t punish you for being unable to get your next runner to an exchange. If by chance your runner arrives at the exchange before your next runner gets there, have the arriving runner start a watch when they get there and stop it when the next runner starts. Put this on your cheat card as a negative number.

55 Mile Relay Course Overview

  • Designed as a separate race from the other events but shares many sections.
  • Course is a series of sections - “legs” - between Exchange Points.
  • Legs are approximately from 2 to 6 miles if you do not get lost or stuck.
  • Legs must be completed in the order presented.
  • Each team member is to run 3 legs.
  • Decide how to best utilize/torture each runner. Come up with a plan to start with and be ready to change once the whining starts.
  • We advertise DWD as a trail run with "Stupid Spots"; several legs are stupid runs with "Trail Spots". Don’t get hung up on the mileage, sometimes a 3 mile leg will take longer and will be more work than a 4 mile leg! Really long if you get lost...
  • You may find it harder than it sounds … but in the end, you will have achieved greatness!