Medical / Injury / Good Samaritan

  • Write on the back of your race number any relevant information that you want made known to the medical personnel that comes across your body. (Bee stings, Viagra).
  • Injury: Inform the aid station personnel if you need assistance, relay via other runners if down on course. Please do all you can to help, you are a big part of our medical crew, as a participant, you are first on the scene. We encourage running with cell phones (hold over your head if you fall in the river).
  • We will give you back any lost time for helping!
  • EMS technicians are on the course. Inform volunteers at the exchange point or call 911.
  • Cell-phones will also be at each exchange point, we have a medical crew on site and they will have contact with the exchanges.
  • Delayed or Pulled from Race: EMS staff or the volunteer captains may determine that it is unsafe for you to continue medically. You will not be allowed to continue until the medical concern has been removed. This has happened in the past but rarely. (However, your team can leave your sorry butt behind and press on.)

Good Samaritan Act

Please help the injured. As a participant, you are first on the scene.

Record the amount of lost time assisting the injured (RELAYS: on the Cheat Sheet.) We will deduct the time. Thanks.