Mandatory Stuff - All Runners Must Read


  • Everyone must sign the Waiver to be allowed to start a race.
  • If you run without having turned in a signed waiver at Check-in, you will be disqualified.
  • Team captains are responsible for getting signatures from their team members and for turning it in.

Required Check-In / Packet Pick-up

  • No packets will be handed out without a signed waiver
  • Each Ultra runner and team captain must check in Friday p.m. or before the start on Saturday morning. Beat the Saturday morning rush!
  • Friday Check-in 5-7 PM, Saturday-race day opens at 5 AM. Try to make the Friday Check-in! Come loosen up in a party atmosphere and avoid the insane morning lines. Enjoy the calm before the storm!
  • Number bibs & last minute information (like course reroutes!) will be handed out.

Disclaimers & Hints:

  • DWD is an adventurous trail run with difficult and stupid sections. Crying is acceptable.
  • Maps, timelines and descriptions provide some level of understanding to engineers and cartographers. Not so much for regular humans.
  • Enjoy your run, read the signs and follow the markings, not other runners, they may be running another race or trail blind.
  • Don't add to our collection of stories like this: Runner supposed to be following blue, instead followed pink. Reaching an aid station, complained "This course is not marked at all, there hasn't been a blue flag for the last 5 miles!" Yes, it's a true story.

Official Vehicle Sign (Relay Team Vehicle)

Displayed in rear window of the vehicles!  The Dirt Crew will handout with your race day packet! 

Daily Park (Recreation Passport) Pass / Vehicle Restrictions

  • You must have daily or annual state recreation passport park permit to enter the park. Yes: you need to enter the park.
  • MI residents have the option to sign up for the Recreation Passport when renewing license tags, $12; there’s indication of having purchased that on the sticker. If you didn’t, it’ll be $17 at the gate.
  • Out-of-state is $32 for annual or $9 for day pass. OUT OF STATE cars will need to purchase out-of-state park passes at packet pick up. Make sure you let us know who you are or you will be ticketed! Yikes!


    • 1 vehicle per team on the course and at the start finish. Exchange parking is tight. (ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER TEAM is allowed to park at HALF MOON. Car pool to the event in one vehicle. Park & ride lots are at Lee Rd & US 23, I-94 & Chelsea and other convenient locations in the area.)
    • No motor homes, rickshaws or busses but any big 4 wheeler will do.
    • Follow the parking signs and volunteers. There is a system, although the engineers think not.

      ULTRA Support & OTHERS
    • Park pass is required
    • Support: be prepared to assist the volunteers while you hang around. Please obey the parking signs and volunteers, even if they seem irrational!

Race Numbers

  • All runners must wear race number visible on the front.
  • Each extreme team will receive 5 identical race bibs/numbers.
  • Numbers for each event will be different colors.

Post-race Food

  • Food and refreshments at the finish area at Award Ceremonies. All Hell participants for 2022 will have a food ticket on your race bib which entitles you to a dog and chips from the Mean Weenie! Your first Dearborn all beef or vegetarian dog and chips is on us, additional menu available for purchase!

Post-race Beer

  • We are so excited to welcome aboard Erratic Ale Co. as our 2022 official beer partner! Included with each registration will be one delicious beer at the finish! There will not be additional beer available for purchase, but you are welcome to bring your own to drink at Camp Bruin.


I QUIT! COURTESY (DNF, Quitting, Timing Out, Not Finishing)

If you decide to abandon the race, please turn your race bib(s) in to the nearest aid station or the finish line. It can be difficult and expensive searching for you in the woods while you are actually sitting in a bar or getting a pedicure. And take at least one of us to the bar with you!

Delayed or Pulled from Race

EMS staff or the volunteer captains may determine that it is unsafe for you to continue medically.  You may continue when the medical concern is removed. This has only happened twice in sixteen years.  Violation of park rules may also result in discontinuance.

Optional Pre-race Switch At registration

You can switch events before they start. Please note there is a transfer fee.  Time is needed to reprocess your number so hurry up and decide already! No switching once the race starts except between Ultras at the Decision Point, Half Moon Lake.

During race Switch

50M and 50K may switch events voluntarily at the “DECISIOIN POINT” during the race.

Mandatory Latecomers Switch

Late arriving runners will be allowed to start their event if within 5 minute of the start. If late more than 5 minutes, you can switch to a later event and still have fun. This is necessary as portions of the early course are removed and readied for the next event. You would get lost.

Cut-Off Times / Pulled from Course

The 50M 13-hour maximum finish time will be strictly enforced.

NEW!!! FOR ULTRAS!!! All runners and sinners beware, the Devil says Hell closes at 1:30, based on 10 hour 50k pace. No Ultras will depart Hell after 1;30.