It's Showtime, folks! ...Almost

Some changes:

  • We've dropped the muck from the last 19 miles for the 50 milers.
  • Relay 1/Ultra A follows a different route from previous reports. Follow the markings/signs.
  • Relay 11 & 12 have been swapped; arrive on "Vertigo", next "Wretched Lake", then "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" then "Park Lyndon" and finally leave this cluster on "Don't Get No Better!".

Website and PDFs below reflect these changes.

 50M/50K Ultras  Team Relay

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Related to Drop Bags, we've tweaked a few of the 50 Mile legs.  You'll now be dry for the last 19 miles so no drop bags other than Hell and self-managed at Bruin.

Safety is the key to a great Dirt experience. We prefer you get hurt on the trail instead of on the road or in a car. The drive route is generally the shortest route with the highest portion of paved roads and the least conflict (Not, “No Conflict!”!) with incoming vehicles and runners. Basic concepts:

  • Be on high watch for runners crossing the roads as they do bolt from the trails!
  • Follow the precise drive route
  • Be attentive to parking instructions from the exchange volunteers.
  • Stay in designated entrances, flow lanes and exits.
  • Use odometer – trip odometer.
  • Do not lay down behind the wheels of a vehicle in parking areas (Common and ugly!)
  • Drive the route after your runner starts leg
  • Most Important: we know you're out here to run & enjoy the challenge of a trail (?) run. It's way more enjoyable if you don't get lost. Please know what color markings you're following and you'll have to read the signage in the confusing spots. 


Note: The newly added "Difficulty" numbers are computed:
Difficulty = Leg_Length/2 + Elevation_Gain/200 + Swamp_Length.

uA Stampede

Obviously this is all new...

Here's something unusual: we've put you on good trails for the whole leg! (Possibly erroneous statement, I'll have a look this week.) U-turn out of the  start onto nice camp roads & trails, left-east onto the Poto connector, right-south onto Poto, down the big hill & wander around Blind Lake. Up a good hill where the Waterloo-Pinckney trail joins the Poto, continue straight or we may never see your smiling face again. Stay on White onto the Waterloo Pinckney Trail. cross a gravel road (Goodband) then take the right onto Bill Baker's Trail. Follow around the swamp and back into the camp

Dog Drool: But don't get too comfortable with it being good trails, it's early and it might seem kinda darkdark, wear a headlamp. (It should be light enough to see but bring a headlamp anyway, justin case.) The leg will be marked with reflective toppers; they look like the squirrels are shining their little flashlights back at you... If you remember your headlamp; otherwise, maybe you can follow someone that did remember and hope they can follow it.

Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Bruin Camp Bruin Camp


 WHITE  +/-436  3.8
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
0 Rocks & roots Dry Minimal
Drive Route
Stay at the camp, your runner will be back shortly.
uB Fly Me To The Moon

Exit southeast on camp trail to Potto, right-south on Potto. Travel against bikes (Stay on PInk) on Potto to sharp left cutout to Hankerd Rd. N on road and W onto N Pickerel Lake Trail. Merge onto Crooked Lake trail then left on Half Moon connector trail at the Half Moon parking.

Dog Drool: We must be losing our touch, making these legs so easy. (We'll recover...)

Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Bruin Camp Half Moon 4.32  PINK  +545/-625  5.2
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 Rocks & Rips Dry Minimal
Drive Route
  • Exit parking
  • Right (W) on Bartell 0.5
  • Left (S) Hadley Rd 2.75
  • Left (E) North Territorial Rd. 3.6
  • Left (N) Hankerd Rd. 1.8 - Caution runners on/crossing road!
  • Left into Half Moon to parking
 uC Satan's Abyss

Also known as Stampede at nearly all of our previous races. Except we're doing it in the opposite direction and have added the Abyss to it. Woohoo!

So, yeah, head along the parking lot to the corner and turn right along the road. Pop into the woods on the left and wander through Bambi's Bones until you come to A VERY DANGEROUSE ROAD CROSSING!! Eventually, after being very careful crossing the road, enter the Abyss. (Hopefully you've tied your shoes tightly enough.) Hard right onto the Poto; left at the Crooked/Poto junction (there's a bench there, take a break.)
Follow the Poto/Crooked until you reach the gravel road (Silverhill Rd), turn right, very soon crawl under the gate into the Naked Woodchoppers domain. (Well, what else would you call a naked guy chopping firewood?) The trail turns left in a bit into some low use single track and eventually gets back out the real trail. Right on Crooked Lake Trail eventually reaching the Half Moon connector; left on the connector.

Dog Drool: Told you we'd get our mojo back.

Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Halfmoon Halfmoon 5.12  WHITE  +/-770  6.6
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 Smelly slime Muck Probable
Drive Route
Stay here; you're runner will be back eventually
uD Styx River of Death II
The path to Hell is the river of death, Styx. Your tormented soul is ours. Runs together with U G Blue for 1.1 Miles, Stay on Pink. River run with dangerous river rocks and holes. Life jacket or swim wings optional. H2O and Drop Bags in HELL. Continue to full aid station at Silver Lake.

Dog Drool, “Flat and wet to Hell. Hilly and dry out of Hell.”
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Halfmoon Silver Lake 5.80  PINK +/-720  6.7
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 Rocks, Rips & River Wet Possible
Drive Route
  • Exit Half Moon (E) to Hankerd Caution: Confused/Lost runners maybe crossing Hankerd at exit
  • Right (S) Hankerd 1.9 miles
  • Left (E) N. Territorial 1.6
  • Left (N) Dexter-Town Hall 1.1
  • Left (W) Pinckney Rec. Area 0.6
  • Park in lower lot until full then upper lot
uE Rave Run
Beginning and Ending are out and back so opposing runners are present. A face to face meeting in a blind turn could take an eye out. Watch Road Crossings. Dog Drool: A beautiful trail run. Some say harder than advertised.
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Silver Lake Silver Lake 2.4  WHITE  +/-241  2.5
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 Clean Dry Minimal
Drive Route
Stay here
uF Potto
Long, steady power run on the famous Pottawatomi trail. Watch for bikes at your back.Switches over to Silver Lake trail for a nice view of Pickerel Lake and then onto Crooked Lake Trail.

Dog Drool, “Miles of hilly, rugged trails Watch the geo-web as it snags & trips like a bear trap. “
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Silver Lake Halfmoon 5.54  PINK  +/-770  6.8
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 Rocks Dry Minimal
Drive Route
  • Left (E) out of Pinckney Rec. Parking lot 0.5 Caution: Runners crossing parking access
  • Right (S) on Dexter-Town Hall Road 1.1
  • Right (W) on N. Territorial 1.6
  • Right (N) onto Hankerd Road 1.9
  • Left (W) into parking lot of Half Moon Exchange


uG Be Prepared
Runs together with Ultra D Pink for 1.1 miles, Stay on Blue. At corner of parking lot, left on boat launch road and right up grasshopper trail. Cross Very Dangerous road crossing, left onto Potto. Left on Potto Shortcut, leaving Ultra D. Cross another dangerous road crossing. Continue on Potto shortcut and Potto. After wooden bridge and a hard right on Potto, Ultra G goes straight, West, onto New Scout Trail. Do not turn left on Potto, uphill climb or you will be lost for a long time. Continue west on New Scout trail to Bruin lake beach and up the hill to Camp exchange.
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Halfmoon Bruin Camp 4.32 BLUE  +510-430  4.7
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 None Dry Minimal
Drive Route
  • Exit Half Moon
  • Right (S) Hankerd Road 1.8
  • Right (W) North Territorial 3.6 (Buy stuff – North Lake Gas & Store (open))
  • Right (N) Hadley Rd 0.7
  • Right (NE) on Goodband Rd 1.5
  • Left (W) Bartell Rd 0.2
  • Right (N) into Camp Bruin parking

The Farm Special Instructions

You will be hitting the Aid Station at the Farm 3 times; you must pay attention to the aid volunteers and follow the correct color for each leg. Please.

  1. Arrive from Bruin Camp on PINK; leave on RED
  2. Return to Farm Aid on RED; leave on BLUE
  3. Return to Farm Aid on BLUE; leave on PINK & return to Bruin Camp


uH Vertigo
The Vertigo we all know & love but with the hot bean fields removed, “You’re welcome”! The recipe is a stock of nasty downhills, nice trails, sunny dirt roads, and steep hill climbs. Add a splash to top it off. At farm the Ultra splits left to the aid station while Relay splits right through the pond to the exchange.

Dog Drool: “Can be brutally hot late in the day. Stay hydrated and cool off at the exchange pond and shower.”
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Bruin Camp Farm 3.22  PINK  +370/-410 3.6
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
2 plus some gravel roads Slammers, acorns Dry Yes
Drive Route
  • Exit Parking
  • Left (E) Bartell Rd 0.2 (going left to stay out of the way of the runners on Bartell)
  • Right (S) Goodband Rd 1.5
  • Left (S) Hadley Rd 0.7
  • Right (W) North Territorial 0.1
  • Right (N) Joslyn Lake Rd 2.1
  • Left (W) into parking
uI Embury

Mostly a beautiful run along a lightly used country road.

South from the Aid to the Waterloo-Pinckney trail, cross gravel Joslyn Lake Road, watch for crazed relay teams trying to get to the exchange before their runner. Yikes! Continue on Waterloo-Pinckney to the next gravel Embury Road; turn left into the out & back on a pleasant shaded road. Turn around at the indicated spot and head north; pass W-P intersection up to Joslyn Lake Road, turn right & back to the Aid Station.

Dog drool: good opportunity for speed if you have any left.

Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Farm Farm 3.42 ***RED***  +/-65  1.5
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
0 None Dry None
Drive Route
Stay here & enjoy the music
uJ Park Lyndon

Exit the Farm southeast then left on Embury to Waterloo-Pinckney trail west; you're doing a lollipop now. Eventually return to the roads & back to the Farm.

Dog Drool: Easy one for you

Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Farm Farm 4.17  BLUE  +/-475 4.6
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
0 Rocks Dry Minimal
Drive Route
Stay here & enjoy the music
uK Don't Get No Better
Head Goat & Trail Dog were scouting in the early days and encountered a couple of locals on this bit of trail. When asked how the trail was, one answered "Don't get no better", the other "Don't get no worse." So, pretty much a fine bit of trail, mostly on the Waterloo-Pinckney.

Exit farm out to Joslyn Lake Rd & across, watch out for crazed realy teams trying to get here before their runner.. Widershims around the alfalfa field, under the old fence (or did I cut that) and down the grassy power line to the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail. Left Waterloo-Pinckney Trail, on nice and easy trails. Careful on multiple road crossings. Watch for sharp left-North off Waterloo-Pinckney onto connector to BBT trail. BBT back to Camp Bruin.
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Farm Bruin Camp 3.9  PINK + 325/-285 3.0
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
1 plus some dirt roads Mostly clean Dry Minimal
Drive Route
  • Exit Farm
  • Left (S) Joslyn Lake Rd 2.1
  • Left (E) North Territorial 0.1
  • Left (N) Hadley 0l7
  • Right (NE) Goodband 1.5
  • Left (W) Bartell 0.2
  • Right (N) in Camp Bruin parking
uL Glory!
Head out to Bartell Rd on the left side of the parking lot, cross the road watch out for more crazed teams coming in. Left onto the Bob Baker Trail, left when you reach the Waterloo-Pinckney trail, go straight onto the Poto, don't turn right & go back to Half Moon, your team will drink all the beer before you get to the finish. (We'll help.)

Dog Drool: Good trails to finish up so you won't be late to the party!
Start End Length Color Climb Difficulty
Bruin Camp Bruin Camp


WHITE  +/-340 3.9
Dangerous Road Crossings Grunge Wetness Poison Ivy
0 Rocks Dry Possible
Drive Route
Stay here, you're done